It's Alive!

Yes yes, the new site is finally alive and kicking, and supports hot 9 year old technologies such as an RSS feed!

New Nikto Mailing List

There is now a Nikto-discuss list. Aside from the documentation, this is the best resource available for support and assistance with Nikto.

Nikto 2.02 Available

Nikto 2.02 is now available!

This release adds the major new feature of XML reports, and several other new enhancements and fixes, including:

  • XML reports & DTD, thanks to Jabra
  • cleaned up HTML reports, thanks to Jabra
  • unique IDs for all checks, to help automated tracking of vulns
  • Apache Expect header XSS plugin
  • updated documentation
  • ...and various bug fixes

Archived news online

Archived news from the old site has been brought online here for posterity, or something...

Announcing: Nikto 1.36

Nikto 1.36 is now available for general release. It is recommended that all users upgrade from previous versions, as this fixes a number of bugs which could impact scans.

Check out the change log for more info.