Chapter 11. Credits

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Nikto is written and maintained by Chris Sullo and David Lodge. LibWhisker is written and maintained by Jeff Forristal (Rain Forrest Puppy).


Many people have provided feedback, fixes, and suggestions. This list is a feeble attempt to thank a few people, in no particular order:

  • Nikto 2 Testing: Paul Woroshow, Mark G. Spencer, Michel Arboi, Jericho, rfp.

  • Jericho ( Support/ideas/tests/corrections/spam and help matching OSVDB IDs to tests.

  • rfp ( LibWhisker and continuing support.

  • Erik Cabetas for many updates and fixes.

  • Jake Kouns (OSVDB/OSF).

  • Jabra ( for XML DTD, XML templates and supporting code.

  • Stephen Valdez for extensive testing and being a great guy.

  • S Saady. Extensive testing.

  • P Eronen ( Provided many code fixes.

  • M Arboi. Great support by writing the code to make Nikto work within Nessus, as well as bug reports.

  • J DePriest. Ideas/fixes.

  • P Woroshow. Ideas/fixes.

  • fr0stman. Tests.

  • H Heimann. Tests.

  • Xiola ( Web design and more.

  • Ryan Dewhurst. Domain guessing code.

  • Frank Breedijk. NBE exporter code.

  • Sussurro. MSF exporter code.

  • Joe Hart, Gavin Jones, Ed Williams (Dyn_llandeilo). Lots of suggestions and bug finding.

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