Chapter 2. Installation

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Any system which supports a basic Perl installation should allow Nikto to run. It has been extensively tested on:

  • Windows (using ActiveState Perl and Strawberry Perl). Some POSIX features, such as interactive commands may not work under Windows.

  • Mac OSX

  • Various Linux and Unix installations (including RedHat, Solaris, Debian, Ubuntu, BackTrack, etc.)

The only required Perl module that does not come standard is LibWhisker. Nikto comes with and is configured to use a local file (in the plugins directory). As of Nikto version 2.1.5, the included LibWhisker differs (slightly) from the standard LibWhisker 2.5 distribution.

For SSL support the Net::SSLeay Perl module must be installed. Windows support for SSL is dependent on the installation package, but is rumored to exist for ActiveState's Perl.

For support for logging to Metasploit, the RPC::XML and RPC::XML::Client modules must be installed. Nikto will operate without these modules, but the functionality will not be available.


These instructions do not include information on installing Perl, Perl Modules, OpenSSL, LibWhisker or any of the utilities that may be needed during installation (such as gzip, tar, etc.). Please see the distributor's documentation for information on how to install and configure those software packages.

Unpack the download file:

tar -xvfz nikto-current.tar.gz

Assuming a standard OS/Perl installation, Nikto should now be usable. See Chapter 4 (Options) or Chapter 8 (Troubleshooting) for further configuration information.